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Our Mission Statement
Integrity Pipeline Service is committed to being the premier pipeline service company in the San Juan Basin Area. We will continually outperform our competition by providing valuable services and quality expertise to our community, customers and environment. We will strive to satisfy the demands of our customers by being innovative and using the latest technology available while providing prices that are affordable.
professional services
Integrity's success lies within our people - the capabilities and proven service record of our employees continues to build long lasting relationships with our customers. Our people help make Integrity a successful and forward moving company.
inspection Services
At Integrity, our experienced staff utilize the most advanced locating technology to ensure superior quality and reliability. Nationwide, Oil and Gas Companies depend upon our oversight and precision to protect their infrastructure. Integrity believes that proper training, quality assurance and safety measures are of great importance in our industry.

Our premier services

Onecalls, Roadblading, Mapping, Line Crossing, Leak Survey


OQTC offers operator qualifications testing for all different trades within the construction industry.

Carsonite post installation and Company Stickering


CDP Environmental Clean Up,
Hydro excavation (Vac truck / Pot holing), Leak Surveillance

Call before you dig!

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Important Information

One easy phone call to 811 gets the approximate location of underground utility lines marked for free. 811 is the FCC-designated national number that quickly and easily begins the process of getting underground lines marked as the first step in any digging project. The 811 number eliminates the confusion of multiple "Call Before You Dig" numbers because it’s easy to use and remember, and is the same in every state. One Call Centers will notify the affected utilities, who will then mark underground lines for free.

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